What is the Singing Pig Farm?

Singing Pig Farm,Inc., specializes in year round production of high quality
produce. All produce is grown organically and sustainably, although it is
currently not certified organic.
Just  3 years ago, we added pastured
heritage breed pigs to the farm. We now offer a wide range of pork from
half and whole pigs to individual cuts.  Effective  Dec 29,2012, we also
have a market stall at the Salem Public Market in Salem, Oregon

Founded in 1989, the Singing Pig Farm is the vision of its founder, Steve
Rogers. Steve saw many abandoned, vacant lots in urban Portland that
he saw as being a source of food production for the local residents. 16
years later hundreds of small, sustainable farms exist in the Willamette
Valley, and thousands across the country. Someone has coined the term
"micro ecofarm" to describe these often tiny farms that operate counter
to the accepted standard practices of large agribusiness.

In 2005 we bought the current farm located SE of Salem. The shift of our
weather patterns to colder, wetter weather has made year round
vegetable production much more difficult,, so we added a farrow to finish
pastured pork program to the vegetable. Our pork grows a little slower
out on pasture, but with heritage Tamworth genetics and life out in the
fresh air doing the things that come natural for pigs, coupled with a good
clean diet our pork tastes amazing.

The plan is to keep moving the pigs through the entire 20 acres of farm
land, letting them root out perennial weeds and adding fertility to the soil.
Broccoli, spinach, cavalo nero
Seeded 08/15/05
Looking west at 7 acres of cool weather salad greens and veggies:
Broccoli, savoy cabbage, cavalo nero, tatsoi, red mustard, cress, mizuna, arugula,
turnips, pac choi, gai lon, daikon, radishes, baby spinach
"Fine Produce for Fine Restaurants"
Since 1989
We are located on 23 acres in the
Mid-Willamette Valley. This is an
area long known for its production
of sweet corn, green beans,
peppermint and berries.